Monday, March 10, 2008

Juggernaut Arrives in Wilmington, Via Florida and Savannah

Ater a few good days of travel though the southeastern tier of states, I've arrived in Wilmington, North Carolina. I was mostly on autopilot, but I did manage a few interesting stops along the way. I visited Pensacola and Fort Walton, Florida for old times sake. I have some very sweet memories of this area from the 70's. The sand was just as sugar-white as I remembered it, but the blue water was turned a bit brown by a couple of inches of recent rain. And, of course the rain and temperatures in the twenties didn't resemble the summer days I've spent here before, but it was an enjoyable visit. I went to Grayton Beach state park and hiked the Dune and Pine Loop trails, so here are a few pictures.

The trail highlights this "Dune Lake", which they say occurs only in Fort Walton Beach and a few areas in South Africa.

I also spent a night and half a day in Savannah, Georgia. The gardens and squares were already in bloom, making for a beautiful visit.

In addition to the gardens, the history was very interesting. For instance, here are two cannons given to the city by George Washington. They were captured from General Cornwallis when he surrendered after the revolutionary war and given in recognition of the part Savannah played in the war. Apparently the British scuttled several ships in the harbor in an attempt to cut off shipping and resupply to the port there.
For more modern history, this statue represents the eternal flame that was brought to Savannah in 1996, when they hosted the sailing portion of the summer Olympics.

There you are. Just another few days of enjoying life, brought to you by Max, the retirement guru.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Heading for North Carolina

All quiet in Texas. Spent a little time relaxing and working at the farm, but nothing too exciting. Still no usable indoor shower and the outdoor shower was getting a bit uncomfortable in the 30 degree weather. I did think this shot of the wheat planted on the back 40 was worth a photo.
I managed to get at least a little insulation done at Mom and Dad's, then ended up repairing the ceiling where I knocked a hole in the 50 year old sheetrock.

Then, it was back to Houston to meet with my Ukraine mission team. Things are developing slowly there for my trip to Ukraine this summer, but I think it is time to head for North Carolina to meet Myles, my first grandson.
So, it is back on the road tomorrow. I plan to take the southern route this time. Maybe I'll spend a day or two on the beach in Florida before arriving in Wilmington around March 10th.
Keep well. Keep me posted. Keep the faith.