Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cape Fear Haiti Help

It has been several weeks since we returned from Haiti, and so, perhaps it is time for reflection on what happened there. As you’ve heard, we had a small part in helping distribute Chlorox to fight the cholera epidemic. We had a small part in providing a house for a desperately needy and thankful family. We helped hundreds of school kids with medical and basic health needs. We witnessed the work that the church is doing there, and had a small part in supporting and laying the foundation for future such work. And, of course, the blessings we have received for our meager efforts demonstrate the truth stated in Acts 20:35. It is, indeed, more blessed to give than to receive.

We were also blessed by an opportunity to share our time in Haiti with Bill Glass, the President of Haiti Outreach Ministries, and his wife, Linda, as well as a cadre of long term volunteers. These are dedicated, loving people who have essentially put the rest of their life on hold to do the Lord’s work in Haiti. And, they are not just loving and dedicated, but well structured, diciplined and wise. They work hard to avoid a “handout” approach, in favor of a “helping hand up” approach that results in longer term improvement. Witness, their support of a sewing school. Witness, their policy that those who get new homes must participate in their new homes, to the extent they can, to build “ownership”. Witness, their seminars educating the public about how to avoid cholera. Witness their efforts to teach the public how to avoid problems with latrines by sourcing and using local lime deposits. The list could go on, but the point is this…HOM is an organization that can be depended upon to give thoughtful help for the maximum long term benefit, rather than just a handout. They are a great partner for those who want to help in Haiti, and want to do it with an organization they know and trust.

I’m happy to report that your generosity not only supported our Cape Fear Haiti Help team in our work, it has also made it possible to support HOM in more general ways like contributing to support of long term volunteers and other future teams. Thank you.

And, while our team has returned, the opportunities to help have not ended. One great way to help, that you’ll be hearing more about, is to sponsor a child. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to help educate a child and make a difference in Haiti, one person at a time. You can find more information about this and other HOM programs at http://www.haitioutreachministries.com/, or you can see more details about our trip at our blog at http://www.capefearhaitihelp.com/.