Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mom and Dad's New Porch and Sidewalk

This is a bit of a change of gears...Instead of hiking and backpacking, I've spent the last few days helping my Dad expand their front porch and replace their crumbling sidewalk.

My brother, Shawn, got wind of things and surprised us by traveling from Beaumont to help with the concrete pour. And my youngest brother, Mark, loaned us his tractor with front end loader. That saved a few blows with the sledgehammer to break up the old sidewalk. I've enjoyed a good visit and the opportunity to work with my dad and brothers just like in the old days.

All in all, a very enjoyable and productive week.


jonathanmmoreland said...

hey dad! the porch looks great and the sidewalk looks like quite an improvement!

nemattox said...
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nemattox said...

Wow - sounds and looks like y'all worked hard. I'm sure they will enjoy having a nice front porch to sit on, and smooth sidewalks to walk on.