Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bandera City Park at Medina River

I had driven past the City Park in Bandera several times. I noticed it looked nice, but had not taken the time to visit. Today I was in town for an oil change and groceries and decided to take a look. It was a pleasant surprise... Despite the fact that Bandera was bumper to bumper with hunters and bikers, the park was very quiet and relaxing. There were just a few people fishing and a couple of hikers, and the park turned out to be surprising in size and scenery. It runs a half mile or more down the Medina river, with 2'-4' diameter cypress trees lining the banks. As I looked down from the banks I could clearly see the bottom 6-8' down through the blue green water. Here are a sampling of the views:

I thought my walkabout was about seeing things I've never seen and certainly there is some of that. But, amazingly, a big part of it is reliving my younger days. Here is an example of that...a rope swing. When I was a kid they were fairly common, but I haven't seen one in years. And yet, here in City Park there were several. You'll see the steps up the tree in the foreground, but that is just for beginners. Look carefully across the river and you will see a much taller tree with steps and a crude platform about 20' high hanging out over the river. From that point I can imagine quite a ride along the length of the river.

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