Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Myles Goes to OT

Young Myles is past his due date. No news on how long the overtime period will last.
So, I've had plenty of time to enjoy my little house and watch the coming of spring here in Wilmington. I'm on the ragged edge of the historic district here, although my little house and neighborhood doesn't qualify. It is 1940s vintage and is somewhat less than stately. Even so, it suits me just fine, and spring is taking shape in my yard. So far I've recognized the color of dogwoods, azaleas, camelias and jasmine, and just today I recognized the distinctive purple of wisteria emerging from previously unidentified tangle of vines in the front. Here are a few pictures verifying the arrival of spring at my temporary abode.
As I mentioned, I'm on the edge of the historic district, so I have lots of opportunites for pleasant neighborhood walks. Here are a few pictures from my walk today.
A few days ago, I snapped this picture of shooting for one of the several movies or TV series that are routinely filmed nearby.
And, there are 3 cemeteries within walking distance...Wilmington National Cemetery, B'nai Israel and Bellevue. Here is a picture of the National Cemetery, which always gives me chills.
And finally, Bellevue. This cemetery was not established until 1876, but it is apparently very popular with confederate soldiers. I noticed numerous headstones listing rank in the CSA. I wondered if this was the Confederate States of America, and it was confirmed by this monument, which made it explicit. And, apparently his loyalty is still recogized, witness the Confederate flag.
Stay tuned. I'll advise when Myles makes his arrival and the real excitement begins.

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