Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bandera 2008

Yes, I’m still alive and well here in Bandera. My first inclination was to wait for something really interesting to happen. Or, failing that, some brilliant thought or insight might enter my mind that would be worth reporting. Didn’t happen. But, when your mother figures you must have left the state and your friends start asking why you are no longer blogging, maybe it is time to report more mundane happenings, thoughts and plans.

Don’t get me wrong. Bandera has been very enjoyable. The weather has been great, with cool mornings and evenings and warm, sunny afternoons, with typical low humidity. I’ve enjoyed daily walks. I’ve enjoyed some football (at least as much as you can enjoy it when your teams are getting beat up by everyone from hurricane Ike to the Miami Hurricanes). Of the teams I’ve supported, only the Three Rivers Bulldogs seem capable of winning consistently. I’ve even enjoyed sitting on the porch. I filled the hummingbird feeder, and within hours the humming birds were on it. So much, in fact, that I had to refill it within a few days.

I did make a trip south for some dove hunting. There were very few birds, but there were a lot of scruffy looking people hanging around the “Pawnee Hilton”.

On weekends, Bandera is buzzing with bikers.

My little cedar and rock cabin is perfect for me. Here is the pleasant front porch, and old yeller greeting me on the back porch.

The problem is just that I visited the sights I really wanted to see last time I was here. And it is hard to convince myself to give up my rocking chair and comfortable, paid for bed.

So, next week it is off to Enchanted Rock on the way to Temple. In October, I plan to spend some time in Temple, some in Rhome and some in Houston.


The Visioneer said...

Hey Max,

It looks like you've got some beautiful scenery to enjoy. I'm hope that one day I can earn the spare time that you can afford these days. Overall, I'm thrilled that you are enjoying this fall in beautiful Texas. Please give Jon, Mama, and Papa my best as you visit all the family. I wish I could spend some time with them too.

As far as things in Wilmington go we are doing well if not a little too busy. I have installed 3 heat pumps in the past few weeks to make the family some extra money. Myles is growing like a weed and is babbling more every day. You’ll be amazed by him next time you see him. In my spare time I’ve been working on the attic addition. I’m currently laying subfloor and running plumbing lines. Soon I’ll have all the modifications made so I can start building interior walls and running electrical wire. I look forward to you seeing it, and as always, I have some technical questions that will best be fielded by your mind. I won’t be taking any risks mind you, but I do have some things I’d like to get some feedback on. Besides, our construction discussions are always a joy to me.

As always you’re missed by the whole of Cape Fear Christian Church and especially by the Foxwerth Five. I hope that your travels remain safe and fulfilling and that your fall stays as wonderful as it has been thus far. Love you man!

nemattox said...

Hey, Dad -

Glad your time in Bandera was relaxing! We do miss you here, though the Foxwerth Five has more recently become the Foxwerth Eight!

Tell everyone hi for us.