Sunday, July 05, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Just a short post to let everyone know I've arrived in Texas. I'll be visiting my parents in North Texas for a few days and may even visit my place in Temple, but eventually I'd like to get in some backpacking in Wyoming, and also spend some time in Houston. I'm not sure of the timing, but probably Wyoming before football season, then Houston after it starts so I can fully utilize my Texans tickets.

Meanwhile, it looks like the cruise to Alaska may have to wait, but there is a new adventure on the horizon... looks like I'll be spending Thanksgiving in Ireland with the kids. A great deal opened up, so we jumped on it.

I'll post again when plans take better shape or something worth reporting takes place.


nemattox said...

Yay, Ireland!

Glad you made it to Texas safely. Talk to you soon!

Duck said...

Good pic of Home Sweet Home