Thursday, March 15, 2007

I’m still here in Wilmington, living the life of Riley. Today, it is watching the March Madness games I like, streaming live on the internet.

Yesterday, it was hiking on Pleasure Island. I hiked along the southern edge of the Carolina Beach State Park, then south along the Cape Fear River. Then around a nice, protected bay and further south, again along the Cape Fear River. All this, followed by singing praises and devotion to God with Ryan and Nicole’s small group meeting, typical for Wednesday nights.

Tuesday, it was tending the garden in Ryan and Nicole’s backyard. We’ve got spinach, lettuce, mustard and sugar snap peas up and growing. The carrots and cucumbers I planted this week, so I’m waiting to see them emerge. I’ve bought the seeds for sweet corn, okra, squash and melons, so I’m ready for next month. Of course, all this had to fit around my trading to take advantage of volatility in the market and completing my March Madness bracket, followed by a quiet dinner at Macaroni Grill with Nicole.

Over the past few weekends, it was helping with Ryan’s “shed raising project” with several friends. It is great working together with Christian friends, and I think the shed/workshop/doghouse is looking great.

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nemattox said...

Wow, this sounds nice. We do have it good here, don't we?!