Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mattox II, Greenfield III

After my previous trip to Joe and Kathy's, I checked out the area on Google Earth. Turns out I was working my way lengthwise along a low swampy area, which I thought explained why I didn't seem to be able to get through it. So, I visited again with the intention of working more to the west and intersecting with a logging road I saw on the aerial. Unfortunately, I still was never able to get through the swamp in that direction. I ended up working my way back east along the creek and running into a logging road in that direct. Below are a couple of pictures.

Then, today, I decided to make another visit to Greenfield park. With the arrival of spring it is becoming more and more beautiful. The azaleas are still not in full bloom, which is good, since the Azalea festival is still 2 weeks away. Here are a few pictures.

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