Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back Yard Garden

Finally, I believe we are beyond all danger of frost and the garden is taking off. I thought this was the case over a month ago, but we had a hard freeze in mid April. Lots of things were nipped back and the rest went into hibernation for a week or two. I replanted some things, like cucumbers and some corn.

Anyway, lots of interesting things happening in the garden. The radishes are finished now, but at one point we had so many I had to check the internet to find a recipe for baked radishes. We've been eating all manner of greens for a couple of months now. Within the past week or two, we've been swamped by sugar snap peas and squash. Produce from the corn and okra is a few weeks away, but they are really beginning to grow now. Here are a few pictures, just to prove I'm not picking this stuff up from a roadside stand.

I did spot this bright green lizard in the peas and spinach. He appeared to be eating something from the vines, so I suppose he's helping me fight off any insects.

I'm splitting my time between Ryan and Nicole's back yard and my own, where I'm working on a solar A/C prototype. I hope to write about it in the energy blog soon. And, I'll be back in Texas for a couple of weeks in early June, when I hope to see some old friends.

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