Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A walk in Greenfield Lake Park, Wilmington, NC

I made another visit to Greenfield Park, a hike of about 4 miles. I'd seen the signs indicating there were alligators in the lake, but had yet to see any. This trip I finally spotted this one.

I crept up close to take the picture with him looking right at me until he started to move. Then, just as I turned my back and started to walk away, there was a dramatic thrashing noise from his location. I expedited my retreat, and Nicole tells me I had a funny look on my face. Turns out he was retreating as well, to deeper water. Eaten by a bear or an alligator, which would be worse!? The resident experts here tell me alligators don't eat you initially, they just grab you and drown you. That's comforting to know!

There, of course, are ducks in the water also, and they scattered when the alligator headed their direction. We had a bit of fun speculating whether they had a small hatch, or whether some of the chicks had become alligator bait.

Tomorrow it is off to Texas.

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