Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back In Texas

I was back in Texas for the first 2 weeks of June for Lettie's wedding and, it turns out, my aunt's funeral. So, as often happens, this became a time for visiting old friends and family while driving around the countryside. I took my camera, but unfortunately, pretty much forgot to pull it out. So, no pictures of family and friends. Not even any pictures of Mark's new house, which was sitting a few feet above the foundation, ready to be put in place.

I did manage one day at the farm, doing a little work and a little fishing. The fish were biting so fast I could hardly get my hook in the water. Unfortunately, the little ones grabbed it before it could settle among the bigger ones that I assume were there. Everything I caught was 8" long or less.

As you can see, the pond was full to the brim and the corn was looking good. There apparently has been a lot of rain this year. Looks like I may be able to take advantage of the high corn prices resulting from the ethanol fiasco. Meanwhile, I picked a couple of ears of corn, which were just ready for eating. I roasted them in the fire with my steak. That was enough to get me thinking I need to spend more time here.

Now, I'm back in North Carolina and things are pretty darn good here too. In the few days I've been back I've spent some great time with friends and family here, eating, having fun in the garden, watching the Spurs win the NBA Champioship and playing racketball with Jeremy. Life is good.

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