Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great time in Yosemite these last couple of days. I had been there once before and am getting ready to settle down for a while, so the visit was pretty quick. Even so, I saw more than I remember seeing the first time.

I started off with a short walk to a view of Bridalveil Falls.

Then, to Yosemite Falls. Again a short walk to the base of the lower falls, where I supposedly would see a dramatic falls with lots of water dropping over 2400 feet. Unfortunately, fall is not the best time to look at waterfalls. There was just a small drizzle, as explained by the sign below.

So much for waterfalls, but there was a trail to the top of the upper falls with some excellent views of Yosemite valley. It has about 2700 foot elevation gain...more than I wanted to tackle at this point. But Columbia Rock, halfway up, was rumored to have some great views as well. Sure enough, I took this photo of Half Dome and North Dome.

Next, it was up to Tunnel Vista, an overlook on the opposite side of the valley. Great views of El Capitan on the left, and Half Dome in the center. Also a better view of Bridalveil Falls.

Finally, to Mariposa Grove of giant Sequoias. I took a loop trail around the grove, where I saw many Sequoias and learned a bit about them. The largest (about 15 feet diameter) and oldest of them was Ol’ Grizzly. It is over 2000 years old. Can you imagine it was around at the time of Christ!? Sequoias can live to be about 3000 years old.

Almost as amazing, after these redwood trees fall, they are so insect and rot resistant that it can take them up to 1000 years to disintegrate. This tree fell about 300 years ago! After a couple of days camping, I was ready for a shower, a bed and some TV and computer time, so it was off toward Southern California. I made it as far as Palm Springs tonight and expect to head over to Big Bend NP over the next couple of days.


nemattox said...

I literally think these are the exact things that we did when we went to Yosemite in Spring of 1999. Everything that you mentioned I thought, I remember that. Although it is a shame about the waterfalls, because I remember them being crazily powerful!

Sonya said...

Your photos make me homesick! Nicole's right, those are the exact places we went in 1999. I have a picture of her standing in front of the Old Grizzly, and she looks so tiny next to that awesome tree. I'm glad that you made it to Yosemite, but I wish I had paid more attention beforehand and found out that this was your plan-- you could have stopped over a night with my parents, who wouldn't have been too far out of your way. I hope your travels continue safely!

max said...

Sonya, Glad to see your comment. I did think of you when I was in Yosemite, but I'm terrible at keeping people informed or looking them up when I am nearby.