Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Braunfels, Guadalupe River, WurstFest and It's a Boy

New Braunfels agrees with me, so far. My condo is very nice, with a great view of a meadow and pecan orchard leading down to the cypress-lined Guadalupe River. It is pecan season, so I'm getting fat picking up and eating pecans I find on my walks around the property and a couple of small city parks located nearby. Lots of hours spent watching football, basketball and movies on TV help with the fattening process. That's not such a bad thing, since a couple of months of roughing it have my old pants sagging a couple inches lower than normal. If I didn't fatten up a bit, I'd have to buy new clothes! Anyway, here is a picture of the view from my living area.

Here is a view from the kitchen which shows a bit more of the living area.
A view of the Guadalupe from the pool/hot tub area.

Finally, a better view of the Guadalupe from the water's edge on the property.
Jon has visited several evenings, so it has been a great time with him. Yesterday we went to WurstFest (Sorry, no pictures... I forgot my camera.), a popular local festival that is going on right now. We enjoyed some Kartoffel Poffers (potato pancakes) with our wurst, topped off later with fried cheesecake and brownies. Jon even sampled the German beer. We visited all three music venues, Das Kleine Zelt (Little Tent), Das Gross Zelt (Big Tent) and WurstHalle (Sausage Hall), and got to listen to all 5 German bands. Each had its own flair. Unfortunately, I didn't find a frau to dance the polka with, and Jon wasn't game, so no dancing. Jon heads off to Guatamale tomorrow for a few days.

Meanwhile, I just heard that the latest sonagram shows my first grandbaby is doing just fine in NC, and is a boy. These are good days.

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