Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sunset on The Temple Project

Well, I’m moving on. Next stop, New Braunfels. I know New Braunfels is an interesting place for a weekend in the summer, but it will be interesting to see how it fares as a wintering place for a couple of months. I’m not really sure what I’ll find to do there. Perhaps catch some of Jon’s open mic shows, catch the Big 12 soccer tournament in San Antonio and College Station, or a few basketball or football games. I do still have a few places in the Hill Country that I want to hike. However it works out, I’m sure it will be a change from Temple.

I’ve had a great time in Temple. A typical day in Temple has included 4-6 hours working on some project, followed by an outdoor shower warmed by the sun. Then, I visit one of several places for a late lunch, which usually includes some web time on WiFi. Then, I either shop Lowe’s for building materials or catch a movie matinee. Maybe fish or hike around the place, then grill a steak or chicken over a mesquite fire, while checking out the sunset. Catch the Nightly Business Report on PBS and some TV or sports on the radio, or maybe attend church. Or, maybe do some more web surfing…I can’t get it in the cabin so far, but if I go to the north side of the pond I’ve discovered I can piggyback on my neighbor’s WiFi by hanging my receiver in a tree. My War Driving WiFi setup is making it possible for me surf from an ever increasing number of places. I can even lunch at Taco Bell and log on to the Hilton network over a quarter mile away.

I’ve added a small kitchen counter with a sink I snared from a landfill. It is really nice to be able to wash dishes, shave or brush my teeth without a visit to the pond(of course, the water still comes from the pond, but now it meets the definition of running water and is a bit warmer on these cool mornings). I ‘ve added the room for a small, primitive bathroom in one corner, but I’m a few days away from finishing it. I wasn’t sure whether to add these improvements, since I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend here. But, the truth is, I enjoy the projects.

Church has been great, as well. This past Sunday, I decided to the visit the Canyon Creek Church of Christ. I’ve visited there several times over the years and have found it to be a very pleasant, sound, friendly church, though smaller than Western Hills. And, the singing is great in their packed, small building. This visit confirmed the impression. I was invited out for lunch. Then, I was invited to the preacher’s house for tortilla soup and their group meeting on Sunday night. They are watching a video called the “Truth Project” by Dr Dobson( Not James). It was very interesting and thought provoking and led to a good discussion. And, over the course of the day I got to know several of the brethren better, enjoying the fellowship and study.
I’m looking forward to something new in New Braunfels, but all-in-all, I almost hate to leave here

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nemattox said...

Hey, Dad,

It's great that you have enjoyed your time in Temple so much!

Joe and Kathy have actually just finished going through the entire series "The Truth Project" at a church here in town (not Cape Fear), and they really enjoyed it. They actually have the paperwork filled out to buy it for CFCC, so we are looking at doing that study whenever we finish with the book of Mark (possibly, depending on the consensus, of course!). Anyway, thought that was interesting!