Thursday, December 20, 2007

Graduation Day and Beyond

The big day arrived on December 14th, although the buildup started a day or two earlier as friends and family began arriving.

Youngest son, Jon, walked across the stage at Texas State University and received his BBA in Economics. Later that day we had a small celebration at my place here in New Braunfels. All in all, another in a series of great days! As usual, the pictures of the walk turned out poorly, but I do have a couple from the celebration afterward.

With that, my days here in New Braunfels are drawing to a close. We'll be celebrating a quiet Christmas and New Years before I move out on January 1.

Looking forward, there is more excitement. Jon will be starting work for Shell Oil in Houston on February 11th, which is excitement enough in itself. But the timing gives us a window for one last, big trip before he enters the working world of big dollars and small vacations. After much research and discussion, we settled on a trip/cruise to South America and Antartica. We'll fly to Buenos Aires, where we'll catch a 16 day cruise to the Falklands, Antartica and Chile, then back through the Magellan Straits and along the coast of Argentina and Uruguay. As luck and airline peculiarities would have it, we'll also get to spend a few additional days in Buenos Aires.

If I can fit it into my busy retirement schedule, over the next couple of months I may get in some hikes I've been planning in the Hill Country as well. So, stay tuned...this wild ride is far from over.

One last item. On one of my walks around New Braunfels, I caught this deer playing through on the Landa Park course. And he didn't even ask. The nerve of some deer!

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