Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pedernales Falls State Park

I’ll be off to South America and Antartica on Tuesday, but I had a chance to get in a couple of days hiking in Pedernales State Park. I started at Pedernales Falls, in the north end of the park. I always find it difficult to capture the feel of water falls in pictures, but since these were the best scenery in the park, I’m including several pictures.

Afterward I hiked to Twin Falls, a small but interesting double falls on a small stream in the central part of the park.

I camped in a remote area, about 2.5 miles on the Wolf Mountain trail in the southern part of the park. I was surprised at the number of hikers and backpackers. There were at least 6 sets of backpackers camping in the area, and hundreds of hikers. The weather was beautiful for January, with highs in the 70’s, so I guess this brought out the hikers and bikers. Plus, the park is only about 40 minutes from Austin.


bbop said...

Hi Max-We checked out your website (great pictures of waterfalls and Jon's graduation!) and just wanted to say what a good time we had with you and Jon in Antarctica and Buenos Aires. Hope you made it home OK and it was great meeting both of you. We'll expect some spectacular trip pictures coming soon!!

Barbara and Claire

max said...

Barb and Claire,

Thanks!! Jon and I had a great time with you guys. We made it home in good shape and got Jon moved to his new apartment today. So, now it is on to trying to sort all my 800 pictures into something that might make sense and trim them down to a few dozen. Maybe I can convince you to post of few of yours?

Keep checking, and if we get to the same region at the same time perhaps you and Lance can give a beginner some backpacking lessons!