Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rounding Cape Horn, Making new Friends

On Day 10, we rounded the Horn. I actually thought Cape Horn was a part of the South American Continent. Turns out, it is really just the southernmost in a group of islands at the tip. So, we actually sailed 360 degrees around the island that forms Cape Horn. We sailed east of the Horn (first of the pictures, where we saw the Chilean Flag and the famous Albatross sculpture), then around back into the Pacific (second picture) and finally back south of the point, blowing our horn as we passed the traditional cape. Cape Horn, of course, is known for its bad weather, so stories abound of waves breaking over the bow. The captain mused about how the last time he was here the seas were about 30'. They joked that, this time, they are calling it Lake Horn. We had beautiful, calm weather.

At this point we had spent 9 days at sea, with less than 11 hours in port. So, of course, between the scenery we were enjoying the boat, the shows, the food, the Karoake, the making of friends. Jon was doing his best Mark Clancy impersonation. Here he is with Brazilian and Mexican beauties Clara, Rocio and Rocio. I finally found Claire in a picture. Lisa, Nina, Betty, Joy and Barbara cleverly avoided the camera. I'm sure a few more avoided imprinting their names in my brain. We generally had dinner with a new group of 4-8 people each night, and an interesting bunch they were.

But, what can 9 days at sea do for a crusty old timer? I will, of course, exclude those whose main purpose was to make their husbands jealous enough to travel with them next time. Don't worry, ladies, your photos and names are safe with me. Feel free to throw around the names and photos as suits your purpose. I do admit to renewing my acquaintance with Benjamin Graham, Tom Clancy and John Grisham. But I could find only one intimate photo I could show.

Ok, Ok, I'll admit the photographer coaxed us into this position. I used my sole picture of my dance partner a couple of posts back. Seriously, though, I am proud to have met Claire and her mother, Barbara. They are two of the most interesting people I've ever met. How they had time for a mere trip to Antarctica between hiking/backpacking Yosemite, Glacier, the Great Wall and Everest, and visits to more countries than I can name, attending Stanford and Oxford, not to mention writing best selling books, Financial Consulting, Managing Non-Profits in Kenya, running marathons and putting together award winning websites, I'll never know. I've added a link to Claire's blog, Tripping on Words, where you can access associated Hope Runs and Tumaini Kids. If you would like to meet them, I'd recommend a visit to the website, and perhaps even a contribution.

But, enough of sailing the high seas. My next posts will get into the ports we visited.


max said...

I cannot tell a lie. (But, I'm not above a little subterfuge for a good cause.) I have to admit, my picture with the Argentine tango dancer was a setup. Surely anyone who was still reading and knew me would make a comment, right!!! So far, my readership is up to one.


Jon said...
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Jon said...

Haha, I love the post!

The Sumer Alvarez Foundation said...

Hi Max!

I've been reading through your blog these past few days...I'll keep in touch for sure...And thanks for all the ridiculous nice and undeserved things you said!


nemattox said...

Ha - are you counting me as your one reader? Because you know that my comments represent many loyal readers here in Wilmington who were very interested in the tango photo. :-)


Mark said...

Make that two. I appreciate the "Mark Clancy impersonation" shout out, but in reality we might need to switch the phrase to me doing a good "Jon Moreland impersonation." He is way better at meeting the ladies than I am. Great pictures, by the way. Keep enjoying your exciting adventures, and be sure to keep blogging about them.

max said...

Hey, thanks for the comments, everybody!
Glad to know Nicole represents Wilmington in appreciating my tango fun.
Welcome, Mark. Good try, but you're still the king in my book...wait, are you off the market yet?
Welcome, Claire, or should I say "the sumer alvarez foundation". I know some people use an alias online, but that is a new one.
Awright, this is getting fun.