Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sayonara, Temple

Yesterday, I took leave of my little cabin in Temple. After a stopover in Houston I'm headed to North Carolina in time for Christmas.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Wilmington, but it is somewhat bittersweet, leaving Temple. In the past few weeks I've grown pretty close to the folks at Canyon Creek Church. And, while it is pretty basic, my cabin had begun to feel a lot like home. I've sometimes questioned the wisdom of building the cabin on the pond, well away from the road as well as the original house and barn on the place. But, the more time I spend there, the more I like the isolation and natural feel. I thought these photos at least partly captured the serenity here.

And, I took this picture through the window of the cabin.

A few nights ago, I awoke to the sound of coyotes, howling just outside. A few ducks have been settling in the pond over the past few days. And, last week, several hundred geese spent the night in a nearby field on their journey south.

Even the moon seems bigger out here. For the past few nights the moon has been so bright, it seemed almost like day. I even got out of bed a couple of times thinking someone must have pulled up with their headlights on. I could walk around at night without any need for a light, and shadows were very distinct. I captured this picture of the moon, because it is the closest I've ever come to seeing the man in the moon. Can you see him?

And, here, the view of the cabin from my car.

Anyway, enough of the past. I've already rented a house in Wilmington, the same one I had when I was there earlier this year. So, on to the future.

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Mayna_bird said...

The pictures are beautiful and certainly capture the tranquility of the place. What a lovely place to spend one's retirement!