Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Texas A&M 84, Wilmington 65

I’ve been promising myself I’d take advantage of the fact that I’m only about an hour and a half from College Station by catching some Texas A&M football games. Before I knew it, football season was over, but hey, I’m starting to like basketball more than football anyway. So, when I noticed that UNCW was on the schedule, I finally swung into action.

It was a lot of fun, sandwiched between very pleasant drives over and back. I somehow ended up in the second row of the student section under the basket with the Reed Rowdies. They really keep you fired up.

I liked the score, too, although the coach seemed upset with the level of play in his interview after the game. There is lots of talent on this team, and I’ll admit they never quite seemed to play up to their potential. Hopefully they will pull things together and we’ll have some real fun in March.

Oh, and hello to all my friends in Wilmington. Hope to see you soon.
I’ll be with Jon at Mom and Dad’s for Thanksgiving. Then, at the first ever Monday night game for the Texans on December 1.
Holy smoke! I have to get this posted and meet Jon at the farm. No time for projects.


Amanda W said...

I'm glad to hear we may get to see you around here again pretty soon. And speaking of Aggie sports...Jeremy and I and my parents got to see the Aggie women's soccer team play UNC in Chapel Hill. Unfortunately not a victory for A&M, but it was a hard fought game. 0-0 at the half, 1-1 at the buzzer, then it went into double overtime. Anyway, come see us!

max said...

Hey, I thought about you when I saw they were playing the game in Chapel Hill. I knew you had gone there for games before. The Aggies just can't seem to quite get over the hump with UNC. Sounds like a great game though.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.