Monday, July 26, 2010

North Carolina, Texas, Haiti

It seems at least a few people are still interested in what I'm up to, despite the mundane nature of most of it. So, here is the latest report.

Since purchasing my house, I've spent a good bit of time getting a few improvements done. But, in between, I've made a couple of trips to God's Country (Texas, for the uninitiated). One, to Houston to clear out my storage and drive the big yellow Penske diesel back to Wilmington to deliver my household goods. Yay, I'm no longer camping! There are even light fixtures and A/C registers in the living room.
Then, we celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary with a little party in Rhome. It was good to see everyone from family to friends I grew up with and to celebrate that accomplishment.
As for my time in Wilmington...most things are unpacked and in place! And, I've managed a few projects. I've planted a bit of landscaping and replaced the column on the front of the house, not to mention pounding the front door back into alignment with its opening.
Gail and I doubled up on the insulation in our houses. I procured a new cook stove and repaired the kitchen cabinets so that doors don't fall off when you open them. The biggest project I've tackled, still ongoing, is moving a closet and laundry room back to their original location. This required relocating some walls and doors and adding to the laminate flooring in the den.
I pulled out all the copper pipe for propane heat. It was poorly installed, and propane is prohibitively expensive here. I'm going all electric, at least until I can add some alternate systems, perhaps solar or ground source.I've managed to grow a reasonable garden, despite getting a late start. I've been supplying the whole church with cucumbers for the past month or so. I've been picking more okra and blackeyed peas than I can eat lately. Fresh green beans, zuchini, tomatoes and sweet corn have also been making a regular appearance, keeping me in pretty good supply of fresh groceries. Maybe I should start late every year. And, more exciting things are in the future. I've agreed to lead a reconstruction/medical team to Haiti in November. I'm excited with the prospect that we can make a difference there. If you would like to read more, or are interested in participating or supporting this effort, see our website at . All help is welcomed and can make a difference in a devastated Haiti.

Well, back to work. Seems like I'm as busy now as when I got paid.

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