Saturday, January 20, 2007

Caddo Lake State Park

After several days of cold rain and sleet I gave up on backpacking into the Big Thicket and headed on to Caddo Lake State Park. I got a bit of a break the first evening and morning…skies were overcast, but no rain.

I spent the morning hiking before the rains started again, so I can show a few pictures. First, the “lake”… I didn’t realize that Caddo Lake State Park is not actually on Lake Caddo, and the canoe rental that would have allowed me to get there was closed. I don’t think they thought there was anyone crazy enough to visit the park this time of year. I was the only one camping there. There has been so much rain, large areas of the park were under water, and you can see the colors ranged from brown water to brown trees giving little contrast with gray skies. I even digitally brightened the pictures, if you can believe it.

Then, the trail; more brown. There were some interesting birds, but I don’t have enough zoom or definition to capture any worthwhile pictures of them. Finally, something that wasn’t brown or gray-the Christmas fern, so named because it is evergreen. I could have given you pines, but I figured you’ve all seen enough of them.

After another 24 hours of rain and reports of more icy weather on the way, I moved on. So now I’m snuggled into a hotel in Hope, Arkansas, birthplace of Bill Clinton. My plan is to catch a little basketball, a little football and services at the Hope Church of Christ while I wait out the weather and make further plans. I’m thinking of moving a bit faster to North Carolina because of the weather and the fact that most of the scenic parks seem to be hibernating.


dantaox said...
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nemattox said...

Wow, that is a strange post above...It kinda knocked me off my train of thought. Anyway, I'm sorry that the scenic parks have begun their winter hibernation, but you're welcome in North Carolina any time. I have to admit, it is gray and dreary weather here, though!

Ryan J. Mattox said...

Well, despite the gray and brown surrounding you, that looks like an excellent hike. Those trees may be asleep but that this way you can see the beautiful Spanish moss hanging everywhere! We appreciate the photos as usual. Sometimes hiking in such surroundings gives me the feeling that I’m in some ghostly land far from reality.

The weather has really hit you with all it can in the past few weeks! I’m sure that warm, dry hotel room feels even nicer with what’s been going on outside. As you make your way across the country to lowly North Carolina I hope that you find some more excellent venues to pursue. In the mean time we’ll keep your room hear on the eastern seaboard warm and ready.