Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Surfside New Years Eve-Shock and Awe

Amazing. I’m shocked. Quite by accident, I’ve discovered where New Year's eve is happenin’! After noting that Surfside was deserted at this time of year, I returned to Surfside around 10:00pm on New Years Eve to find the place alive.

There were bonfires all along the beach. Music was booming from several locations, including the house just in front of mine(shown above). They had created a stage facing the beach on the front porch and apparently had a live band. There were over 40 cars parked around the 6 houses on my street, and the beach was flooded with cars and people.

My place was on the eastern edge of Surfside, where fireworks are illegal. But the unincorporated area to the east was one continuous fireworks show until well after midnight. I awoke at 2:30 am and they were still going. This was just individuals shooting their own private fireworks, but the show was pretty much the equal of any I’ve seen, perhaps better if you take into account the length of the show.

When I saw the happenings and had spent a few minutes looking around, I decided it was time to learn to take night pictures. I’m reasonably happy with the results and hope these pictures will give a bit of the feel of the evening.

Then, it is New Years day and I'm moving out, along with hundreds of others. It is warm and sunny. For the first time since I've been here, I thought, I love this place and hate to leave. Amazing how some combination of the crowds and the weather brought it to life.


Ryan J. Mattox said...

WOW!! Those fireworks photos are great! It sounds like you got to see an amazing show! I hope your travels are going well and that you're seeing a lot of cool stuff.

nemattox said...

Those fireworks must have cost those people a ton!