Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great Smoky Mtn Alum Bluff/Mt Leconte

Another great day! I took the Alum Bluff /Mt LeConte trail. This trail goes along Alum Creek, then crosses over and climbs steps through a tunnel in the rock. Then, it is on to Inspiration Point and Alum Bluff. Why it is called Alum Bluff, I’m not sure. It has the smell of sulpher. Turns out it is made of salt peter and was mined in the civil war days to make gunpowder. There was even a small fort set up to defend the salt peter resource from the yanks. From there it is on up to Mt LeConte. I stopped short of the summit so I could make it back down in time to watch the Ags beat Oklahoma on ESPN, but the part I hiked was great. There are some great views and a little suspense walking along a narrow trail with sheer drops, holding to cables in the wall. Even more suspense when there is a bit of ice on the trail.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Alum Creek

Foot Bridge over the Alum Creek with Cave in Background

Steps through tunnel in rock

Trail to Alum Bluff

Yours Truly at Inspiration Point

Alum Bluff from Trail below

View from Alum Bluff

Trail between Alum Bluff and Mt LeConte

Looks like this run is over. The forecast for tomorrow is for snow, high of 33, low of 11. Time for this southern boy to head south.

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